Great Value for Money and Released Today

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2012-04-03 11.16.58The paperback of “A Hell for Heroes” was released by Hodder and Stoughton today 29 August 2013. Priced at only £7.99 (Hardback is £18.99 and Kindle is £9.99) its great value for money.

Really Sorry

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I’m so sorry to all of those who have taken the time to leave posts for not answering promptly. I also apologise to all those who return to the blog looking for something new. I have been working hard on the new book, trying to keep to deadlines and seem to have had little time for anything else. Please be patient, I should manage to catch up later this week. Thank you.

A Thought for Anzac Day

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Rememberance WallWherever we come from, whatever we call it, the day we remember our fallen heroes has a special place in all our hearts. But things are changing. Today, because of the enormous advances in battlefield medicine far more of our soldiers are surviving the horrific injuries they receive on the battlefield. But it’s not only the physical scars, those that you can see, those that will change lives forever. It’s also the hidden scars, the ones that are only seen by those that carry them. This year as you remember those who so willingly paid the ultimate price for us and our country, spare a thought for those who are still paying the price in one way or another.

“My one hope is that the next time you see a serviceman or woman, or the old man sitting on the homeless shelter steps proudly brandishing a chest full of medals, you will pause for a few moments and try to look beyond that confident, sometimes brash, some would even say arrogant exterior, to the person that lies within.

A person who has worked hard, seen things that none of us should ever see, and in some cases suffered horrific injuries. Someone who will continue to suffer, either physically or mentally, but mostly in silence, for the rest of their lives, whilst at the same time still retaining hope and a strong belief in the greater good.”

Taken from “A Hell for Heroes”.

I want to wish everybody in Australia and New Zeeland all the best this Anzac Day, the 25th April.

Take care

What They’re Saying

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Theo KnellHi Everybody

It seems that people are becoming more and more reluctant to leave reviews of a book they have read on Amazon. In my case this may be due to the fact that most of the purchases of “A Hell for Heroes” have been made in high street book shops. However, the feedback I’m receiving here on the blog has been fantastic so I thought I would firstly like to say a huge thanks to all that have taken the time to read my book and then gone that extra mile and taken the time to leave a comment. Secondly I’d like to share them with interested visitors. the comments can be found at “What People are Saying” page on the right.

Unless stipulated all future comments will find their way onto this page, with the most recent being shown at the top.

Many thanks again.

Take care Theo

World Wide Thanks

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2012-04-03 11.16.58I would like to thank everybody who has bought my book “A Hell for Heroes”; the response has been truly fantastic. I would especially like to thank those who live at the other end of the world, those in Australia and New Zealand who have purchased the book in large numbers. I was informed the other day that Hodder (Australia) have just completed a second reprint of the book in Australia which is great news as it’s only been out just over two months.

Thanks also to all of you who have taken the time to like my “A Hell for Heroes Facebook Page” and leave reviews on and .com.

I wish you all a fantastic New Year and take care.


Deeply Touched.

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exeter_cathedral_laura_450x338[1]At the end of last week a very kind person sent me an internet link along with a message which read “I don’t know if you’ve seen this but I thought you might be interested”. It then went on to say that the person who had sent the link was actually present at the event.

Intrigued I opened the link. The event in question was the Remembrance Day service on the 11th of November at Exeter Cathedral this year. What this kind person had sent me was a copy of the sermon that was given that day by the Canon, Revd, Carl Turner.

The greatest accolade for any writer or poet is to have their work read to an audience, not only for enjoyment but to have it used by the speaker to deliver what they consider to be a very important message. Not only did he begin the sermon by reading a passage from my book, “A Hell for Heroes” to the eight hundred strong congregation, but he finished it by reading them one of my poems, “I Just Wanna Talk”.

Needless to say, I feel extremely privileged to be included in such an event.

A copy of the Sermon can be read using the following link: Exeter Cathedral Sermon

Reviews Are So Important

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Theo KnellMy book “A Hell for Heroes” is receiving some great Reviews and I’m extremely grateful to each one of you who have taken the time to publish your opinions about the book on Amazon. Sales are going well but in order for the book to do its job of helping the friends and families of servicemen and women past and present to understand the changes they have seen in their loved ones on their return from combat, I need your help. Could I please ask those of you that have read the book, and have the time, to post a review on


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